About us

Micah Shanser


Micah is passionate about helping people achieve optimal human performance in all areas of their lives otherwise known as the concept of peak performance, or flow state.

Micah’s background in working with at-risk youth in residential and wilderness settings lead him to build his career in Neurofeedback and Neuromodulation that he applies to develop tactics that support optimal human performance.

In addition to being board certified in Neurofeedback, he holds a master’s degree in Wilderness Therapy and is constantly researching more effective ways to support people to live their best possible lives.

Bonnie Fischnaller


As a Body Psychotherapist, Bonnie approaches her work with the Eastern-based philosophy that sees every human as inherently whole and brilliantly sane. Body psychotherapy seeks to support individuals in connecting more directly to their lived experience and their relationship to the needs and emotions that lie beneath. Learning how to focus and compassionately navigate one’s internal and external experiences can allow for movement toward the reintegration of parts of one’s whole experience–there is often a naming and reclaiming of the past that needs to happen for greater alignment within ourselves in the present.

Bonnie has worked with teens, adults, and families for 13 years in wilderness and adventure-based programs and has several years of experience in applied mediation and Non-violent Communication with families. She continues to work in this arena with her husband Micah through their separate company, Restorative Adventures LLC.

As a Somatic Experiencing (SE) Practitioner, she uses this body-based approach with art and equine therapies to support her clients on their journey. As a dynamic neuralistic approach to body-based trauma resolution and healing SE also gives people tools for working through and simplifying future trauma responses.